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(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.


About GG’s Youth Club


Following the closure of Staffordshire County Council’s Youth Club in December 2014, Gnosall Parish Council worked hard to ensure the funds and equipment were retained for the young people in this parish.    St John Ambulance unfortunately, after decades of working from its building providing essential community first aid services, had to cease its operation from Gnosall and gifted the building to the Parish Council to enable a Youth  Club to operate from it.   There was tremendous effort by the local community to get the building ready in only few days of taking over its ownership to be ready for the opening night and with a very limited budget.  The internal structure was quickly transformed to make it into a more functional building for a youth club.  The equipment and furniture were scrubbed clean by parish councillors and staff, the outside of the building was cleaned by volunteers and essential donations were received from The Cooperative and Waitrose.

GG’s Youth Club opened its doors for the first time in April to 9-12 year olds from the parish and surrounding areas and is going from strength to strength thanks to over 100 members who have tremendous fun on Wednesday nights and also as a result of the group of wonderful volunteers who offer their time to help arrange and run activities each week and of course our Youth Leader, Jordan Archer, who took over from Yvette Spencer in 2017.

Numbers have remained steady at around 30-40 children attending each week.  In April 2017, Youth Club welcomed members in school years 4, 5 and 6. Since starting in April 2016, our members have created vegetable boxes and have enjoyed reaping the rewards, filled hanging baskets,  taken part in weekly cooking and craft classes and have made excellent use of the field during the summer evenings playing football, rugby, other ball games and getting very wet one summers night taking part in a water assault course.  During the winter months, the field is inaccessible as it is too dark and wet.   However Gnosall Parish Council kindly agreed that the Grosvenor Centre’s main hall can be used every second Wednesday.   As the youth club building has limited space, when the Grosvenor Centre is not available, the activities will focus on craft and cooking and there will be a more controlled environment to ensure the safety of members and volunteers.  

The children produced a list of activities and trips they would like organised that the Youth Club committee will review and plan acordingly.

Latest News

GG’s Birthday Party

GGs Youth Club celebrated is the first birthday on 26th April.  The building was spruced up for this occasion with the external walls cleaned, the windows cleaned (free of charge ) by Mick Ferguson and bunting was hung all around the building to give a real party atmosphere.  A new sign, designed by some of the youth club members was unveiled.   Members and visitors enjoyed cake, some donated by The Horns and some made by parents and volunteers as well as fruity mock-tails.    Plans are in hand to extend the youth club provision for older children in school years 7,8 and 9 from September on a Thursday evening.  Volunteers are needed to make this happen so if you can spare some of your time to help we’d love to hear from you.




Plans are progressing well for GG’s Carnival Float.  The next meeting to progress with plans will be held on 26th May at 6.30pm in the youth club.  We need more helpers to ensure GG’s float is decorated and worthy of winning The Best Float.  I’m sure we can achieve this!   Please, if you can, attend the meeting and we can share the workload and have some fun with the preparations.



Residential Trip

With other exciting events planned, it has not been possible to arrange a summer residential this year.  We hope to next year and will arrange a payment plan for parents to spread out the costs.   This summer we will arrange other fun events such as sports and inflatable day and maybe a trip.  More details to follow.


Holiday Times – we will be open!

Youth club will be open on Wednesday 31st May (during half term) and during the summer holidays it will open every other week on 2nd August, 16th August and 30th August.


Senior Youth Club

From September 2017, a senior youth club will be open on a Thursday evening for school years 7, 8 and 9.   Volunteer helpers will be essential for the youth club to operate so again, if you can help every now and again, please let me know.

GG’s (Grosvenor Gnosall Youth Club)

Our current youth club is for children aged 9, 10 and 11.  We would very much like to open on a second night to offer youth club service to children aged 12, 13 and 14.  This can only be possible if we have enough volunteers to help.   If there are any parents of children who may be interested in helping on a rota basis (the same system as the current youth club) please get in touch.   This may only mean helping one evening per term if we have enough interest.  Even if you are not a parent and want to volunteer your time helping please get in touch with Jordan Archer, Youth Leader on 07715 392 345 or email

GG’s Youth Club members have a lot to look forward to over the next few months with a planned trip to Newport Rock Climbing Centre, a fund raising Nearly New sale, a 1st-year anniversary party, a visit to Gnosall Fire Station, taking part in this year’s carnival and GFest17.

The photographs below are of some of the members taking part in a county-wide youth club bowling competition.







GG’s Youth Club New Leader

Jordan Archer was appointed as the new Youth Leader in February following the resignation of Yvette Spencer.  Yvette was instrumental in the setting up of the youth club for which we are very grateful.  Fortunately Yvette is staying with GG’s as volunteer and will continue to provide advice and expertise in running a successful youth club.  

Future events and dates for your diary

March 2017


On March 7th, nine of our members will be representing GG’s Youth Club at a 10-pin bowling county wide bowling competition.    Good luck to those who will be attending.

Carnival Meeting

On 10th March at 6pm there is a carnival meeting for any parents and members who wish to help with or be on the youth club carnival float in June.

Rock Climbing

On 22nd March a visit to Newport Climbing Centre has been arranged.  This is an indoor centre with climbing walls and ropes, fully supervised with qualified instructors.  Usually the price per person is £8 plus £15 for the instructor.  GG’s Youth Club will subside some of the costs involved and therefore if members wish to attend, we are asking only £5 per person.  A permission slip is attached and needs to be completed and returned, with payment by 1st March.   We will also need a few parent volunteers who can help with transport.  For more information look at

Nearly New Sale

On Saturday 25th March, we will be organising and running a Nearly New Sale.  Some of you will remember the sales held at the Village Hall where toys, books, games, bikes, baby equipment outdoor equipment as well as children’s clothing were sold with the proceeds being split between seller and organisation.  Well, we will be doing something very similar. This should raise some funds for our youth club.

April 2017

One year birthday celebrations

On 26th April, GG’s Youth Club will be just over 1 year old.  Time for celebrations.   People involved in the setting up of the youth club, funders, volunteers, parish councilors as well as parents and members will be invited to this special event to celebrate the successful running of our Youth Club.  More details will follow in the next few weeks.

May 2017

Our local firefighters have invited GG’s members to visit the fire station on Wharf Road and learn about fire safety as well as having some fun.  The date is yet to be confirmed.  Parents will be asked to sign a permission slip allowing your child to take part in this visit, walking from the youth club to the fire station and back.   We may need a few parent helpers to help walk with the children.  Again, more details will follow nearer the time.

The parish council has invited GG’s Leader and Chairman o deliver a short presentation at its Annual Assembly on 25th May to inform parishioners of how great the youth club is and what has been  achieved in the past year and what the future plans are.   Parents and members are welcome to attend this village meeting and your support would be appreciated.

June 2017

Carnival time.  On Saturday 17th June GG’s youth club will be entering a float in the village carnival.  This year’s theme is Disney.  A carnival meeting for GG’s members and parents on Friday 10th March in the youth club at 6pm at which we will decide how our float should be decorated and we will need to arrange a few more meetings and workshops to get everything ready for decorating a float on the morning on 17th June.   Children may of course be taking part on other floats but are asked to inform the Youth Leader if they wish to be part of the youth club float.   Help from parents and volunteers is very much needed for this event, particularly coming up with ideas, materials and making the set.

July 2017

GFest 17 runs from 15th -23rd July.  On Wednesday 19th July, GG’s Youth Club will be taking part in GFest activities by arranging and running a Treasure Hunt and BBQ.  Any proceeds will be split between the youth club and the GFest charity pot.

August 2017

A weekend residential is being considered and options from a number of local camps are currently being discussed.  More details will follow in the next couple of weeks.



Great news for GG’s Youth Club, in the past week Gnosall St Lawrence Freemasons donated £500 and St Lawrence Church donated £250.  Both donations are very much appreciated and will help pay for new materials and equipment for weekly activities and will also help fund some exciting trips being planned for later this year.

The photograph is of Kevin Shail and David Davies, from The Freemasons presenting the cheque to the new Youth Club Leader Jordan Archer.  Jordan has taken over Yvette Spencer’s role.  Yvette will still be around volunteering as and when she can.

Congratulations to Jordan and thank you to The Freemasons and St Lawrence Church.

Dave Davies said 'It is our pleasure to support good causes that are local to the village. We know the club has been open less than a year

and it has proved to be a success. We hope this donation will help the club & those who use it.'

Photo:  left to right. Jayne Cooper,  Jordan Archer, Dave Davies, Trudie Ward & Kevin Shail. front row, Thomas & Mia


As the number of members has exceeded our expectations we do desperately need more volunteers otherwise we may have to put a cap on how many children we can take each week.  Parents have been asked to help out on one Wednesday each however if anyone else wishes to help out now and again, please get in touch.   Local teenagers who have been completing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards gave their time voluntarily from April to July however these young people have now moved on.  If  there are any other people undertaking a course or an award in which “volunteering in the community” is required, please do consider helping out at GG’s Youth Club.


During the first 6 months, GG’s Youth Club received funding from the Parish Council, from the County Councillor’s Fund and Gnosall Lions.   Members pay only £1 each week to attend which helps meet the costs of basic equipment and cooking ingredients for the planned activities.  Other funding sources will be explored to fund planned projects.