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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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Gnosall Parish Council owns and manages allotments on The Acres. There are 55 in total, divided into full and half plots, rented for a one year period which is renewable every April. To be eligible for an allotment, you must live in the parish and can only have one plot per person.

Gnosall Allotments and Gardens Association (GAGA) exists to provide additional services to allotment tenants and keen gardeners alike. Gardening materials are available at subsidised cost, seeds and plants are available and other incentives help to keep down the cost of maintaining your allotment or garden.

Tenancy of a full plot costs £33 pa, half plot £16.50 (2019/20 fees). These fees include membership of GAGA and are payable to the Parish Office.

Allotment holders will need to read and sign the tenancy agreement, which contains all the important details which allotment holders must adhere to.

Key points include:

  • plots may not be sub-let in whole or part
  • monthly inspections will be undertaken in the growing season
  • allotment holders must pay for water usage, water bills being shared equally between plots/half plots
  • no waste vegetation or refuse may be deposited upon any part of the site. A surcharge will be levied for any clearing up of refuse.


Regrettably, the site does not have toilet facilities, nor disabled access.