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Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

Consultation Day February 2011

Consultation Day Presentation for the Acres. February 2011 - Mike Deegan Parish Cllr

The Parish Council held a Consultation Day at the Grosvenor Centre on Saturday the 12th of February.  The event went very well with more than 80 local residents dropping by to view a display of potential improvements to the Acres and pass on their own views or recollections of the area.

The Acres is the village’s largest area of open space – located between Brookhouse Way and the disused railway line. Management proposals include improved access, amenities, community involvement and management for wildlife. See the attached pdf for a copy of the consultation presentation.

Overall feedback to the proposals was extremely positive and we hope to use these comments to help inform our management priorities. We still might not know the exact origin of the Acres name (although Bob Johnson has discovered an Acres Meadow from the1837 tithes maps), but we did receive a great deal of new information and material that we hope to use in forthcoming interpretation.

Proposals to improve access and amenities were very well received – particularly the idea for a boardwalk across the site. People were generally in agreement with habitat improvements for wildlife and almost everyone wanted to see the Doley Brook restored to its pre-1980 condition, though a small number wish to see it regularly dredged.

The Parish Council has established a working group to take forward the project. The first task will be to analyse public feedback and advice from relevant Agencies in relation to all improvement proposals. The group will then establish management priorities, timescales and external sources funding to implement changes on the ground.

It is still early days, but the Parish Council will keep residents informed and look to liaise with all relevant stakeholders & partners at each stage. A big thank you is due to the Councillors who helped organise the Consultation Day and a special thanks to our two non-council helpers - Paul Boston and Bob Johnson.