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(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.

Wild about Gnosall

Gnosall Parish Council is celebrating the wonderful news that The Acres wetland has been designated a county Site of Biological Importance. Apart from extra protection, as an SBI it will now be recognised within planning policies and guidance such as the new village Neighbourhood Plan.

The Acres is a 25-acre site owned and managed by the Parish Council - a public open-space for the local community at the heart of the village. This announcement is recognition of the important wildlife value of The Acres and reward for several years of tireless endeavour by Gnosall Parish Council to restore the wetland habitat along the Doley Brook.

Working with the Environment Agency and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, the Parish Council sourced funding from the Leader Programme and Staffs Environmental Fund to carry out large-scale restoration work to the Doley Brook. Many new pools, channels and wetland habitats were created at the same time.


Parish Councillor Mike Deegan explained “This project has been a real community success story. The site just looks so much more attractive now; it’s far better for wildlife and is also helping to lessen flooding downstream. Instead of treating this historic brook as a drainage problem, our Parish Council has really focussed on its value as a natural watercourse - realising the enormous wildlife and community asset it provides”. 

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's David Cadman commented: 'the recent habitat works have significantly increased the biodiversity interest and importance of The Acres, to the degree where it is now included, following a resurvey, on the Staffordshire inventory of Local Wildlife Sites. Local Wildlife Sites are the best remaining examples of semi-natural habitats outside the statutory designated sites (SSSIs).

Information on The Acres

The Acres is open to visitors and an elevated boardwalk allows access across the wetland and Doley Brook. Information panels are located on site and an information leaflet is available from Gnosall Parish Council.

For further information please contact Gnosall Parish Council on 01785 822685 or email

Acres wetland - Mike Deegan
Acres wetland - Mike Deegan
Acres wetland - Mike Deegan
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St Lawrence  School kids pond dipping_comp.jpg
St Lawrence School kids on boardwalk_comp.jpg