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The aim is to create and develop a 'Community Archive' for the village of Gnosall and the wider parish including Knightley, Moreton, Outwoods and Bromstead. The Archive is maintained under the umbrella of Gnosall Parish Council. The Community Archive includes primary source material such as photographs, documents, maps, artefacts, newspaper articles, oral histories etc. (rather than just articles or essays about those source materials). It is a contributory archive. Anyone is able to add items to the collection, though of course these will be checked and catalogued before inclusion. In the spirit of this, a broad approach is taken to the definition of 'community archive'. Volunteers play a key role in the tasks of sorting, indexing, cataloguing and digitally copying and storing of photographs/documents. The intention is to create a first class resource for local people and future generations to read and enjoy. If you believe you can contribute or wish to join the group as a volunteer please send your name and contact details to the E-mail address - Tel: 01785 823691.

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| Source: Tithe Maps

Walton Grange EL

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Knightley EL

Gnosall Parish OS Map 1880
Parish OS Map 25inch 1880
(A work in progress)