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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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8          Joyce Rowe

I would like to nominate Joyce Rowe, editor of the Gnosall Parish News, for this year’s awards. Joyce has been editing the magazine for a great many years (I can’t be more precise without asking her). This voluntary job is a very time-consuming commitment which she carries out quietly and conscientiously without any self-promotion.  Week in, week out, she collates all the editorial content, ensuring regular articles are in on time, communicating with contributors, answering readers’ enquiries, politely handling any complaints and maintaining the essential “What’s On” diary. She tries to ensure that the magazine – which reaches nearly 1000 homes – covers all aspects of life in the village. 

I am very conscious that all the GPN volunteers play an important role (for example Trevor Ashton who makes up the pages, Bob Colman who manages distribution and Pat Tweed, chair and treasurer and distributors).


9          Lesley Worsley

Lesley has been a cub and scout leader for almost 30 years. She helps organise camps and attends them to enable the young people of Gnosall to have an opportunity to take part in experiences they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise. Nothing is too much trouble – she is always there to lend a extra hand if needed.

She also helps organise the village Bonfire that is always so successful, even though the help for this has sadly dropped off so she had to do more and unfortunately can no longer continue.

She is totally unassuming and unaware of the impact she has on young people around her. This is also demonstrated in her work as a Teaching Assistant at the school.


10         Phil & Pat Lawley        

Pat & Phil Lawley have always been very involved with the village & helped anyone in need or poorly making sure everyone is well & providing transport to shops, appointments, hospital visiting etc. No one deserves recognition more than Pat & Phil. They hold Moreton, Outwoods & Bromstead together.

In April 2004, Phil & Pat Lawley started the Thursday lunch club for residents over 55. It was a great success & now 15 years later is still going strong with a regular membership of about 25 ladies & gentlemen who live in the area & beyond.

Phil collects a number of members in his car in order to make sure it is available to all - a very welcome service to anyone housebound.

The group meets on the third Thursday of every month in the Social Club at Moreton Millennium hall. Through the Winter months we have home made soup, a variety of sandwiches followed by a pudding or cake.( In the warmer weather we do not have soup). All are welcome. There is the opportunity to catch up with local news etc. There is a modest fee of £3 per person. In December, we go to the Bradford Arms for the subsidised Christmas meal. During the year once or twice we are treated to Fish & Chips which is always a popular event.

The monthly gathering is a good opportunity for villagers to 'keep an eye' on each other & offer support to anyone with problems or difficulties. There is always a report from the neighbourhood watch on anything to be aware of. 

Pat & Phil keep in constant touch with everyone & are always there for anyone who is struggling in any way or has a problem. They are the first people we all turn to. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them. If they cannot help or answer a query, they will always find someone who can. They are the first to help at any event. Phil is a frequent volunteer behind the bar in the Social club. Pat is treasurer for the hall Social club & a prominent member of the Women's Institute. They are a very popular couple & we would be lost without them.