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Gnosall Parish Council

(Including the wards of Moreton and Knightley)

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Parish of Gnosall and those who visit it.



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Parish Council Elections


Parish and Borough Council elections were held on 2nd May.   Thirteen candidates applied for 12 seats on the Gnosall ward of Gnosall parish and therefore an election was called.  Only one candidate applied for the ward of Moreton and as there are 3 seats, there was an uncontested election and there were two vacancies.   One candidate applied for one seat in Knightley ward and therefore there was an uncontested election.


Details of elected parish councillors can be found on the parish council’s website, www.gnosallparishcouncil.og.uk along with biographies and photographs of councillors.    The first meeting of the newly elected council was held on 13th May at which Cllr Gregory was elected Chair for the second year and Cllr Alker was elected Vice Chair.    Cllr Allan Mills was co-opted to fill one of two vacancies in the Moreton ward.    Allan is very much aware of what being a councillor involves and had met with the Clerk previously to find out how Gnosall Parish Council operates, what the council manages, the ongoing projects, future projects; he is very keen to get involved and join the new Council. 


At the first meeting of each of the committees and working groups, Chairs and Vice Chairs will be elected and projects will be prioritised for the next 12 months.    New councillors will attend training sessions and all councillors have received updated copies of Council regulations, policies and procedures. The new council will continue to work closely with the County and Borough Councillors on matters of mutual concern and will continue to meet regularly with local Police Officers and PCSO’s.  The Clerk and staff will attend training events whenever necessary to ensure working practices are compliant with regulations.   A new Council offered an excellent opportunity to make changes and we are delighted to report that modifications have been made to the parish office to making working practices more efficient. Office opening times have been slightly changed: the parish office is open to the public on Tuesday 10am-2pm and Wednesdays 9.30am -12.30pm; appointments are available on Thursdays and the office is closed on Mondays and Fridays.


Dementia Sensory Garden


We have shared with you before our plans to create a sensory garden behind the Youth Club and Library, where both dementia sufferers and those caring for them will be able to go for a little “time-out”. This project has been delayed due to the overrun of other work and the need to prioritise tasks but we are very keen indeed to get it finished – or, at least, to get it started!


Dementia sufferers often find that noise and bustle confuse them and they become anxious in noisy environments. Carers, too, often value a bit of peace and quiet in which to reflect or sit quietly with their relative. The idea of a sensory garden is to have plants with colour, texture and scent – perhaps old favourites with familiar smells to remind people of days gone by at home – all in raised beds so that even those who aren’t as mobile can get to experience them.  The garden will hopefully be a place where we can get a moment’s peace in surroundings which uplift and comfort, without going too far from home.


Last time, I was a little downcast because we hadn’t had much response but things are now moving along. We have had the kind gift of a lovely bench in memory of a relative (to be safely stored until we can put it in situ) and plants are being grown for us as we speak – though, of course, we’d like more! At the time of writing, we have yet to hear the outcome of a bid for community funding which would enable us to purchase materials for construction. I fear that even if successful, we’re going to need more support in this area. To help with that, we hope to have a Quiz Night in the Grosvenor later this year. You can support that by coming along with your team and by providing raffle prizes!!


Remember that, if you’d like to raise funds for this project or for Dementia causes, we have promised the use of the Grosvenor Centre free of charge.


So thank you for your interest so far and keep it coming!